Katie Experiences: Slime Seduction Winifred LaCroix



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Katie Experiences: Slime Seduction  by  Winifred LaCroix

Katie Experiences: Slime Seduction by Winifred LaCroix
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 13 pages | ISBN: | 4.78 Mb

Katie, a petit boyish programmer signs up to be part of an immersive video game experience. She starts as a low level mage and has two ways to level up, kill or convince monsters to give her experience. When Katie meets a high level tentacle monster she knows shes in deep trouble. The monster asks her for a trade, her body for experience. Will she accept? And why is she so excited to be violated by this monster?

Follow Katie through an expansive fantasy world where she learns that when you have nothing to lose, the true adventure begins.WARNING: This is a 5k adult erotic short that involves one very large slime monster and lots of twisting tentacles that get everywhere!EXCERPT:I do, replied Katie, her voice braver than she felt at this moment, was the mountain a monster? An in game character? Was he an artifact? She paused her racing thoughts, realizing the mountain could talk. He was definitely a monster.

The low level mage began to back out of the cave quietly but suddenly a tentacle of slime shot out and grabbed her ankle and pulled her back into the room with the mountain of slime, suspending her upside down in mid air, her cloak falling over her face so she could not see anything.I have not met your kind before, what do you call yourself?

boomed the creature, the room seemed to rumble when he spoke but Katie could not tell from her current position.Katie? the monster replied, the word sounded foreign to him I have not met a Katie before, do you wish to fight me Katie?She couldnt fight such a large creature at such a low level, but she recalled there was two ways to defeat a monster, convince it to become your ally, or slay it. Killing the mountainous monster was out of the question with her only skill, so Katie would attempt to convince this slime mountain to become her ally.Not to fight, to ask for your alliance!

she replied hoping this would get the monster to put her back on the ground. Instead he dropped her, her body bouncing off the ground, slime sticking to her cloak. The cloak clinging to her body and she grimaced at the feeling.An alliance? With a Katie creature? What do you have to offer me? his voice boomed, his black eyes staring down at her.To be honest, she didnt have anything to offer the creature, she had a bag of gold, a cloak, and her body.

I have not much to offer, I am afraidOffer me your body, Katie. the creature replied quickly, too quickly she thought but before she could ask what that meant, or why he had known what to ask her. Two glowing blue tentacles, thin and firm erupted from the side of the mountain. They wrapped around her legs and torso and yanked her closer to him, she was sure that she was going to be yanked inside of the mountain of gel, but instead she was suspended in air again, this time upright.Wait!

What does that mean? Are you going to kill me? Stop! she shrieked and the mountain of slime shot two more tentacles out at her, they felt so soft against her bare skin, they were firm and warm, they didnt stick to her but slid over her skin with ease like oil.Offer your body to me, and I will be in an alliance with you.

the creature repeated, a separate blue tentacle twisted around each of her legs, pulling them far apart and she squealed, trying to pull them back together.How did she know it meant its promise to her? She bit her lip as the tentacles began to venture higher on her legs, squeezing them tightly, she had to make a decision fast.

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